This is my baby Christmas tree and that's the reason it doesn't have lots of ornaments. It only has some purple bows. It's almost 10 years old and its birthday is on Mother's Day...Yeah, I know the date varies but I only remember my sisters bought it for my mom the year we moved to this house. I'm awful with dates so sue me...Hehehe

Here is my spruce once more. I liked the way the shadows looked so I decided to post this one too. Sorry if it's not all that you were expecting

Here is a pic depicting the first snow of the winter. It's been a really odd winter this year. It's the middle of December and it's still 40F. I know it's not much but someone dear to me misses the snow, and well I decided to take it and send it to her via e-mail

Here are my mom's babies. She insisted we build her that birdhouse on the left so it's her duty to feed them every so often. They're freezing out there in the snow but at least they're well fed.

December 19, 2001