Road trip to Charleston, SC December 2005

Our road trip was one of those things we kind of improvised as things came along. The only thing we'd planned was that we were going to take our time driving to Charleston, and that we were going to stay in Charleston two nights. Everything else was up for grabs.

Upon leaving Merrillville I always know that I'm very close to Indy when I see this sign. It always makes me chuckle as Indiana has a very long KKK history.


One our first stops on our drive down South was in Indianapolis. This is a shot of a nice street in downtown Indy. We're very near this large indoor mall


Since my buddies Alex and Patrick were incommunicado we were forced to keep on going until we hit Louisville. We ended up eating at a TGI Friday's. The food wasn't anything to write home about but the fries were awesome. hehe Nightlife was pretty nonexistent. Then again we arrived on a Thur night. What did we really expect?


After our stay in Jeffersonville, IN we drove all the way to Pleasant Hill, KY to see the remains of a Shaker village. This place has been under restoration for several years, and it's quite fascinating to learn how innovative this religious community actually was. In addition they had some excellent craftsman which is well demonstrated in their masonry and woodwork.


Pleasant Hill, KY


We promptly made our way to Columbia, SC where two of my internet buddies live and whom were very kind enough to show us around town. This statue is of George Washington on the steps of the SC Capitol. This statue suffered some damage at the hands of Sherman's soldiers when they were marching towards the sea in their quest to subjugate the rebellious South.


Yours truly striking a pose on a bench on the Capitol grounds


Cris sitting under the boughs of a beautiful magnolia.


Our final destination was Charleston, SC. Although I have lots more pics I've only added two take in Charleston. This is part of the entrance to the Ft Sumter National Memorial.


Here is our Isidro (a.k.a.Easy) leaving Ft. Sumter.


One last shot of the road/sheer wall on our drive back to Chicago. We had a great time. Had wonderful food and met some really nice people. We plan on returning someday soon.


December 1-5, 2006