Many of the buildings in this Shaker town were built of the limestone hauled in from the river a few miles away.

This was the main building that housed the brothers and sisters of the community.

The simplicity and utility of Shaker design is what constitutes its beauty. I would love a house in that style.

Hooks incorporated into the design of the moldings for hanging chairs and other things. How ingenious!

A Shaker bedroom...They lived sexually segregated in most aspects of their lives. Hence the death of their religious movement.

This particular Shaker town worked primarily in the growing of produce and the sale of seeds down the rivers to New Orleans. When the Civil War broke out they were forbidden from conducting business with the South and the village eventually died.

Symmetry in this pic and the next is quite eye-catching.

This image is of the church where they held their services. The building is so nicely designed with no internal beams in the hall and still very solid. They were quite an innovative lot.

Don't let the daintiness of this staircase fool you. It's much more solid than one constructed today...I want one for my house.

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