Nouvelle Orléans

Cruising down the Interstate and viewing the awe-inspiring Atchafalaya Swamp

A view of the capitol in Baton Rouge

A very tall bridge straddling the mighty Mississippi

...quaint carriage on Chartres

I am really impressed with the French Quarter

World famous Bourbon St! Nothing happening yet, still too early

A bird's eye view of Bourbon St from Lafitte's

Couldn't finish the Long Island Iced Tea. I was drunk and had to eat something...

Forgot to take this one on Bourbon St so I settled for Chartres. The point is I got to see the French Quarter

My friends Cruz and Scott in Jackson Square

Here Cruz and I are in the Plaza de Armas aka as Jackson Square

...and Scott and I are in the same square. Look at how damn short I am.

This was the meeting building of the city council a long long time ago...

and the final shot of la Place de Armes du Nouvelle Orléans...Pardon my French!

Trip to Louisiana July 7-15, 2001