Lachryma Montis

Well here are the promised pictures of my trip to California. The pictures on this page are of the excursion to the estate of Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo. He was the last Mexican governor of California and he's the one that enabled a smooth transition from Mexican rule to American rule of the vast state.

Mr. Vallejo was quite a wealthy man as evidenced by some of the pics on here. Him and his wife had a very large no. of children. Some of them became important military men. Towards the end of his life he ended up penniless. He left a written legacy of the history of California and its people the californios. Many of his writings were gathered up and saved by a man of the name of Bancroft yet many were also lost in a fire that swept the town of Sonoma.

This estate was built after the American takeover of California. It's built in the American style instead of the usual adobe style. However it's still insulated with adobe which makes it a very warm house in the winter and cool in the summer. Many of the things in the house were imported from Europe and they travelled across the Atlantic down and around the Cape of Horns and up to California, e.g., Swiss chalet which served as a carriage house, dinnerware, and a carriage whose picture I decided not to post.
Swan fountain

Citrus tree

Beautiful staircase

Dining Room

Silver pitcher

Living Room

Portrait of Andronicus V

Picture of some son

Daughter's room

Mr. Vallejo's master room


The awesome study

The devil's fountain

Swiss chalet

Old water works

Napoleon's room

Trip to the estate of MG Vallejo.
September 28, 2002