El wingman you ask? Well it's a fairly brief story. Years ago when I was a kid there used to be a television program on Nickelodeon called You Can't Do That On Television, and my favorite character on this show was called Alasdair Gillis. I liked his name because it was unique, and I'd never heard that name at that age. Well years later, while trying to decide upon a screen name for the #espanol channel on mIRC I remembered that Alasdair had been one of my favorites, and what would be better for an online persona? Needless to say all the Spanish speakers on the channel decided to shorten it from Alasdair to alas, which in Spanish means wings. Eventually, when I switched to an English speaking channel I opted to change it from Alasdair to el wingman.


Zephyrus—Greek god of the west wind from which my name is derived.

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