Just a glimpse of my daily commute...

This is the northern view of the station. Notice that the front of the train in this instance is what technically would be considered the rear of the train.

Whereas the locomotive actually pushes the train forward instead of pulling it. It has to do with the switching stations and the layout of the track system.

Finally this is a southeastern view of the city looking towards Downtown Chicago. Had it not been so overcast and foggy you'd be able to see part of Chicago's world famous skyline.

This is a shot of the eastern sky on a beautiful summer morning

This is a northern view of the corporate campus, and the house in the background now rests on what used to be the Glenview Naval Air Base.

A northeastern view of the campus. This is a view of the several hundred acres of prime real estate on the north shore.

This is a very bad picture of me...I am not used to being let out of my cubicle!