After a few months of having postponed this project (started it in April '06) I finally decided to complete it. However, what impelled me most to do it (in addition to some slight nagging) was that in the last few weeks I decided to brush up on some long ago learned drafting skills. After mulling things over a bit, I decided it was time to take up something once again that was quite useful, yet would also keep me busy as I seem to be getting bored at home in the evenings.

I'd forgotten how pricey some of this equipment actually is. I mean they wanted to charge me $14 for 10 sheets of drafting parchment. WTF is all that about?! Yet, after a few weeks of running about I was able to procure all the necessary accoutrements at fairly decent prices. I even wrote to Staedtler to complain about their rather environmentally unsound packaging for one of their erasers...I was able to successfully get my scanner to work. I hadn't used it in months, and I'd already reformatted this pc to the most recent version of Windows so it was a bit irksome to have to contend with some rather recalcitrant scanner software. Luckily, though, the Microsoft scanning and picture application got it work with little fuss and great simplicity.



Top view of the base



Initial prototype of the coat tree's leg, which was eventually modified on a spur of the moment.


Completed base with modified legs.


Used some nickel colored coat hooks from Lowe's.


Final product in need of a finial to top it all off. Perhaps a little paint might be in order too.

November 18, 2006