Welcome to my home, Chicago!

This is the world famous Art Institute of Chicago. Never been inside since I'm not a tourist. Hehe

Beautiful Michigan Avenue

Standard Oil Building, probably now BP Building. Don't quote me though...

Buckingham Fountain... Love and marriage... I know it's bad, but that's what comes to mind, LOL.

Chic...Well the picture speaks for itself

A few boats in the lake and the Adler Planetarium in the background. It's the one with the dome and resembles a mosque.

A marina do North of the Shedd Aquarium(center building in background).

Just a small snapshot of our gorgeous lake. One of the largest fresh water lakes in the world

And to see it all don't forget to take LSD until...er, I meant Lake Shore Drive of course. It's the overpass on the left in case you didn't notice

Some of the best views can be had from that black tower full of condos. Which is also shown from a different angle above

This club is obviously way too exclusive!

This is a photograph of a building I found quite fascinating because of its rather odd color scheme.

Chicago would not be Chicago without its Sears Tower. :)