Un turista puertorriqueño escribió la siguiente carta de queja al gerente de un hotel en Londres:

Dier Señor Gerente,

Now I am tella yu di story how I was treated at yor jotel. I am comma from Monagrillo as touris to London and estay as a young a man at yor jotel. When I comma my room I see is no shit in my bed. How can I sleep with no shit in my bed?

* I col down de recepshon and tella: "I wanna shit".
* Dey tella me "Go to the toillett"
* I sey "no, no, I wanna shit in my bed"
* Dey sey "You betta not shit in yor bed, you sonnawabitch".

What is sonnawabitch?!

I go down for restoran for breikfast. I order beicon and eggs and two pisses of toast, i getta only one piss of toast.

* I tella waitress and points of toast "I wanna piss"
* She tella me "Go to the toillett"
* I say "No, No, I wanna piss on my plate"
* She den say to me "you bloddy fella not piss on yor plate, you sonnawabitch"

Secon person who don even know me and col me sonnawabitch! What is sonnawabitch?

Later I go dinner into restoran. Spoon and knife is der but no fock.

* I tella waitress "I wanna fock"
* She tella me: "Sure, everybody wanna fock"
* "I tella her no, no, you don understand me. I wanna fock on
de table".
* She den tella me "So you sonnawabitch, wanna fock on de
table? Got your ass out of here"

So I go to de recepshon and ask for de bills. I no wanna stay in disjotel no more. When I have pay de bills, the porter say to me "Thank you and peace on you". I say "piss on you too, you sonnawabitch" I go back to Jayuya! I never more comma stay in your jotel, you sonnawabitch.!

Tranquilino Pérez